AFSCME Local 1308
Last Updated on 3/15/16


Special Dates & Topics
    •  Link to Council 2 Scholarships
    •  Link to AFSME Advantage Website

Training Opportunities
    Steward training in April – contact Conni if interested

Status of contract and retro pay:

    The AFSCME 1308 CBA and MOU should be signed by the Board of County Commissioners on February  22.   
Members should see their new wage rates effective on their March 11 paycheck.  
Members should see the new dental rates and reimbursement on their March 25 paycheck
       -- keeping in mind that the change will only affect employees with 2+ dependents.
    Finally, the retro for wages will be included in membersApril 22 paycheck.  (Changed from April 8 to April 22nd.)

2016 Quarterly Member Meetings
    Time: 5:00 PM
    Location:  Givens Community Center
    Meeting notes will be posted under Contracts/Documents tab
        · May 18th
       · August 17th
        · November 16th E-Board elections

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